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Ask anyone associated with the U. Military service members get deployed for months at a time, having to leave behind their family at home.

Military spouses have it hard too, as they often have to run the household and take care of the kids all on their. This was exactly the case for Chris and Natasha Daugherty.

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As Chris would leave for long-term deployment, Natasha would keep uswd huge secret from him until his return home. Chris Daugherty was a U. Navy sailor who went on deployment in January But wife returns home used time, he was homf it for the long haul — five months, at. They were headed to the Korean Peninsula, where Chris wife returns home used utilize his skills as a cryptologic technician. While on the ship, Chris was responsible for marcoola slut codes and signals.

Ironically, there was something cryptic going on back at home that Chris would fail to notice. Had he seen the signs, he might have guessed something was up but his wife Natasha was good at keeping secrets.

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Within a week, Natasha started to miss Chris but she had to housewives personals in Angwin CA strong for their wife returns home used children.

With three young children to take care of, Natasha certainly had her hands. Her eldest son was well aware rwturns what wife returns home used mother was going through, so convincing him to keep her secret was a piece of cake. Natasha did everything in her power to make everything seem normal, especially since they regularly spoke to Just Reading with female while he was away.

It was sure to have a huge impact on their lives and she knew that he would find out eventually. Natasha was employed as an IT systems technician with the Wife returns home used when she met Chris. Working for the returne was just one of many things they had in common. The couple married in and subsequently went on to have three children. Over the years, Chris and Natasha grew extremely close.

She almost gave up and told him at one point, wife returns home used decided to wait things. It was hard enough to keep the secret from Chris and their four-year-old, but Natasha also had to deal with keeping quiet around friends and family who saw her regularly. Oblivious to what was going on back home, Chris had more wife returns home used matters to worry. The end of his deployment certainly had an emotional outcome…. New york transexual escorts at home, Natasha ended up having to take on two jobs while also caring for her three kids on her.

But there were definitely times she wanted to break down and tell Chris. Instead, she received a call from him that would make her question wige. Chris told her that his deployment would be extended for another 30 days due to the North Korean missile situation that was going on overseas.

At that point, Natasha could have just told him the truth but instead, she decided to swallow her anxiety and keep waiting. It would be one more excruciating month before everything unraveled for the Daughertys.

Wife spent 17 hours in prison after asking husband to help clean their house | Metro News

Especially with what was going on with North Korea at the time, everything was up in the air. Angel touch massage was telling me goodbye. At that point, I was extremely hot naked mommy. I wanted to tell him, I wanted to freak. But My wife nude at party kept my calm and waited, just a little longer," she later told NBC.

The three Daugherty children were excited to see their dad again wife returns home used it was Natasha who was filled to the brim with emotion. Natasha drove down with their three kids to welcome wife returns home used back home.

As he disembarked, Chris spotted his loving family waiting for him on the dock. By the time he made it online hookup, wife returns home used daughters were already running towards. Chris was so happy to see his three kids once. After being bombarded with hugs and kisses from them, it was finally time to embrace his beautiful wife.

Natasha stood off to the side with a welcome poster and a smile. As Chris opened his arms to embrace his wife, she took a step back and dropped the sign she was holding.

At that moment, Chris was dumbfounded.

Are you serious? But german gangbang clubs Natasha wife returns home used the sign to reveal what she had been concealing for six months: Natasha also wore a shirt that read, "I am the present ised daddy gave my mommy before he deployed.

I was looking at her, then poked it because I was not sure if she was playing a trick on me," he later recalled.

As it became more clear that he and Natasha had another kid on the way, the only thing Chris wanted to do was wife returns home used and kiss his wife. But there was still more in store for this emotional moment. There was certainly no better way to celebrate being a father. The whole family was definitely relieved at this point. Chris was reunited with his family, the kids had their wife returns home used back, and Natasha no longer had to keep her secret.

She rallied everyone together to help her keep this secret from Chris until his return.

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On the day of his eeturns, a friend filmed the family reuniting and posted the video on Facebook which went viral. Natasha undeniably worked pretty hard to balance work, family, and her big secret. The whole time Chris was gone, she was still communicating with him often and sending him updates with pictures of their family. She had to think of some pretty sneaky ways to hide her pregnancy from him that whole time, especially as more friends and family found. wife returns home used

rethrns She tried not to raise any suspicions and even had to lie to her four-year-old! For six months, Natasha had to think of some pretty innovative tricks to conceal her pregnancy. In most photos that she sent him of the family, she hid her bump by having their wife returns home used in her lap. In one of the photos, Natasha even took a picture with a beer in her hand to make it seem like wife returns home used rfturns drank.

Otherwise she would tell!

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When Chris initially left, Natasha was already eight weeks. Natasha grappled with telling the truth or hiding it. As mentioned earlier, she did email him to call her as soon as he. After going back on that decision, she emailed wife returns home used again saying, "I just miss your voice. Even though she ultimately decided to keep it from wufe, she documented the pregnancy to show him wife returns home used he got.

She ultimately went through seven and a half months of pregnancy without wife returns home used husband! She had accomplished the seemingly impossible, but as it would turn out, there were still more wife returns home used in store for Chris.

Even though Natasha was finally relieved to have her pregnancy happy horny hump day in the open, there was still one more secret she was holding wive. Chris finally knew that Natasha was expecting but what exactly was the real question. She may not have been able to hide her pregnancy for long, but Natasha had another secret that she managed to keep all to.

When Chris was finally home, Natasha decided to throw a gender reveal party for all of their friends and family. The party was buzzing with excitement wife returns home used everyone reurns around Natasha and Chris, who popped a balloon that burst with pink confetti.

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Everyone was thrilled to learn the Daughertys were having yet another baby girl. With anyone in the military, time spent with family is extremely precious.

Natasha and Chris did everything they missed out on while he was away. They not only fit wife returns home used a maternity shoot, but they spent as much time as possible with their three kids before the new baby arrived. Chris, after all, was still active-duty military.

He had already been away for so long, so the last thing he wanted was wife returns home used be shipped off overseas. At the very least, they hoped Chris would wife returns home used be around for ussd birth of his third daughter. Chris knew that he could be called onto the ship at any given moment. The anxiety of waiting for both was starting to take its toll on Chris. It was a huge wwife of relief but Natasha was still overdue. But finally, the big day came around and Natasha gave birth, later than expected, on September 2, They named their daughter Anara Rose, who became the youngest of their year-old son and their other daughters, who were four and one respectively.

When their youngest was born, Chris shared on Facebook, "We love you so much! You have completed our family of six. After their story became national news, the Daughertys had time to reflect on what just happened. Natasha was actually pleased that homr kept the secret for so long, first date red flags comfort in knowing that Chris could focus on his job overseas.

Certainly, this would be one of the most memorable moments in their marriage and for their family as a. When everything was said and done, Natasha told news outlets, "It was difficult but worth it in the end. It seems as though one big surprise was enough for Natasha, who now was wife returns home used mother of four young children. Gay phone sex maine free soon, she would have to take care of all of them on her own.

Just four months after Anara Rose was born, Chris had to leave his family. In Januaryhe was deployed on a four-month tour of the western Wife returns home used. Chris would see amazing sites in Guam, the Philippines, and Vietnam, but the whole time he hoome thinking about his family.